Getting Bigger Means… Getting Bigger

getting bigger

Eat big to get big. Eat lots of steak, lots of chicken, lots of eggs and lots of fish. Food is your new hobby. When you're not eating you're thinking about what to eat next. Food is your number one priority. It's no secret: GETTING BIGGER MEANS… GETTING BIGGER. Force food down. Don't think about how you feel. Visualize yourself bigger, stronger and more … [Read more...]

Be Willing to Be Willing

be willing

Follow your gut. Figure it out on your own. Do what others won't, what other's tell you that you can't or what others say you shouldn't do. Boys, everyone will always go against something you want to do that they haven't done themselves. They want to keep you down - it's human nature. Be willing to be willing to do the unknown. Step out of your fears, thoughts and … [Read more...]

Money is Not An Emotion

Money Not Emotion

Money is material. Treat money logically. When you need more money, make more money. Emotionally controlling your money will drain your bank account. Act logically with your paper and your card. Don't let numbers scare you. Low numbers mean you have to make them higher again. Low numbers mean you have to keep them from going lower. Low numbers mean you have to … [Read more...]

Get the Job Done


It doesn't matter how. What matters is that it's done. Boys, when you have a job to do you have to break the rules to get it done. Following the rules and doing it the "right way" will leave you with unneccessary roadblocks along the way. Instead, picture yourself as a tank - no boundaries, no limits, no roadblocks to worry about. Morality is cute, but what matters … [Read more...]

How to Have A Killer Back and Bi’s Day

Low key artistic strong man

Deadlifting - along with squatting and benching - should be a staple exercise in any man's weight training routine. The deadlift is powerful. It separates the weak from the strong both mentally and physically. Boys, start your back and bi's day with a strong deadlift. Doing so will give you a strong surge of adrenaline. You'll get tired and sore even after a short … [Read more...]

This is The Genius of Being A Man


There's no time for resting. Boys, go one hundred or don't bother moving. Mediocrity is the same as having a bleeding cunt. It's not natural for men. At the gym, at home or out hustling - on your own or at a job - bust your fucking ass. Ambition is priceless. You can't buy that shit. Caffeine won't give it to you. Drugs won't give it to you. Alcohol won't give it … [Read more...]

Selfishness Plus Cialis: The Great Equation

The Great Equation

Boys, there is a fundamental part of being a man that you must know before continuing: Put yourself before your bitch. The only downside of putting yourself first is not knowing how you've lived this long being a pushover. There's no secret to being selfish. You start to do what you should've been doing all along - whatever you want, whenever you want. "A bitch is a … [Read more...]